Achieve Extreme Results by Following Proper Guide to Deca Cycle

Many steroids came with a boom in the market and got washed away due to tough competition, but one steroid that still has made a place for itself is the Deca Durabolin. 1954 was the turning phase for United States players after they understood the advantage of taking testosterone injections. Although Deca isn’t pure testosterone, it’s anabolic and androgenic factor helps in stimulating energy and improving collagen synthesis.

Testosterone injections are used to increase hormone that is responsible for growth of male characteristics including muscles. Inducing too much of testosterone leads to increase in muscle tissue and energy. This also helps in exercising faster which leads to weight loss. Some steroids are meant for cutting, bulking and ripping. Depending upon your choice you can use the steroid that you like.

Deca is always stacked with a testosterone injection because being an estrogen it suppresses testosterone level in body. It is used by athletes and bodybuilders for bulking. Other benefits of Deca are –

  • Good appetite
  • Increased bone density
  • Increase in RBCs

Deca works very slowly but that doesn’t mean the cycle could be extended more than 10 weeks. However, if you have any contest running very soon then more than ten weeks cycle can still do, but proper balance has to be met of estrogen as well as of testosterone.

PCT is mandatory when you finish any Deca cycle. It is always suggested by physician not to follow PCT when testosterone level is extremely high in blood. Wait till the level lowers down then follow the therapy.

According to some physicians and trainers, the best time to start PCT is 20 days after you stop your cycle.

Following this table properly saves you from any kind of side effects due to excessive estrogen and testosterone factor.

Extreme estrogen can lead to side effects in sexual characteristics, and inadequate amount of testosterone can lead to masculine characteristics.

This is the reason why females are suggested lower dosage of Deca compared to males.

Ever since steroids have been in the market, life has been easy for athletes and bodybuilders. It might be easy in some countries to get steroids anytime, but in the US, according to FDA Control Act, selling steroid is not only illegal, but buying too has become an offense.

Certain steroids are available only when you are prescribed through a doctor because few of the steroids are used to treat osteoporosis, asthma anemia and cancer. However, apart from that if anybody found using or selling steroids illegally in the US market are punished with fine and imprisonment.

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