About Corn And Calluses And How To Treat Them At Home

First things first, if you feel any kind of discomfort or pain in your feet, you might want to visit your podiatrist as soon as you can. Even regular checkups at a podiatrist, even if there is nothing wrong, are a smart choice. If you are looking for a good podiatrist, then you should visit https://orthoticsolutionspodiatry.com.au and read more about their services.


It can be prevented, so make sure to do all you can

Corns and calluses can be a very painful condition and this is a skin condition that consists of the thickening of the skin that is repeatedly pressurized. Symptoms and signs that calluses and corns might be forming are:

  • A hard and thick patch of skin
  • Area of dry and flaky skin
  • Bump on the skin
  • Tenderness or pain in the affected area

There are many different types of medication that we use to chemically pare down the dead and thickened skin. For example, the salicylic acid is one of the most common ingredients seen in helping this condition. Those who have sensitive skin are more prone to suffer from this condition and should visit a podiatrist as soon as they can.

The risk factor of corns and calluses

This condition is caused by the repeated fraction of the skin and bone, as it was mentioned and it can lead to toes and fingers develop corns and calluses. No matter how old you might be, there is a chance that you can develop this condition, but it has shown to be more prominent in those who are over 65 years old.

  • The risk factors include:
  • Abnormalities in gait
  • Poorly fitting shoes
  • Bunions
  • Abnormalities in the anatomy of our toes and feet
  • Certain occupations, like a garden worker or a farmer
  • The usage of some tools, equipment, and instruments

The home remedies

If this condition is causing you a lot of discomforts, you might want to visit Podiatrist Double Bay like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry instead of having home remedies. However, if the condition is not so severe or you are unable to see a podiatrist there are some things that you can do at home that can help with discomfort and pain.


Take good care of your feet, and you will not have a problem

Corn and calluses are usually treated with different medications that will help with the thickened and dead skin, and there are many of those medicines available for home purchase. The key ingredient here is the salicylic acid, so when buying the medicine make sure to read the ingredients.

Because of the ingredient being catalytic, it will dissolve the keratin that the corn and calluses are made out of and the dead skin layer that is usually on top. But, make sure to follow the directions of every product as it is written on the package.

All of the products are meant to help with the dead and thickened skin, which is what is causing your discomfort and pain. People who have diabetes should not use the salicylic acid or those who have poor circulation or frail skin; because the usage of this ingredient will worsen the condition and might even form a skin ulcer that will make things more painful.

Final word

Make sure that the medication you take is not something your skin cannot handle. There are tests you can do to see if you are allergic to any ingredient in the medication, and also make sure to follow the intrusions. Every cream, drop or any other form of treating corn and calluses will have instructions written and they should never be ignored.

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