Fentanyl Addiction Treatment: A Growing Drug Crisis in Canada

Fentanyl addiction treatment is an important program in rehab centers all over Canada.  The reportedly growing incidents of fentanyl-related accidents and deaths are the reason why the Canadian government is aggressively pushing for the elimination of this drug once and for all. Addiction to fentanyl is at times inevitable for some people due to the pleasurable effects of the drug to the individual. The best way to say goodbye to this nasty addiction to fentanyl is through seeking professional intervention and help because personal recovery is close to impossible. Avoid resorting to a waste of your time and energy on self-help recovery and treatment because Fentanyl addiction treatment is only possible with the help of the pros.

An Overview of Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Knowing and understanding fentanyl is the key to knowing exactly what you are up against in your battle to reclaim your life and sanity from the grips of this addictive drug. Fentanyl is a man-made or synthetic opiate narcotic. It is a prescription drug but it could become quite addictive and abuse the drug could result in various hazards which could be life-threatening when left unaddressed.

Although fentanyl is basically used as a pain-relieving drug for those with spinal cord problems, cancer, and other types of diseases that cause severe pain, this narcotic opiate is up to 100% more dangerous, potent, and toxic than morphine. There have been numerous fentanyl-related deaths in Canada according to the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. Other than Toronto, some places that are susceptible to fentanyl addiction and abuse include Vancouver, Nanaimo, Prince George, Maple Ridge, Fort St. John, Langley, and Surrey.

The Danger of Fentanyl Up Close

Fentanyl addiction treatment is imperative because this synthetic opioid is more dangerous and life-threatening than you could ever imagine. In fact, the threats go beyond the addicts and those that are hooked to taking the drug. There are also fentanyl overdose cases where the victims are not aware of the dangerous dosage they are already taking. Fentanyl is also dangerous if you are unknowingly taking it with other medications that have adverse effects on your body.

How do you respond to fentanyl overdose?

Reports of fentanyl-related deaths are all the more reason for aggressive Fentanyl addiction treatment. Experts recommend taking the drug in small amounts if the medication is highly prescribed. It must not be mixed with other drugs or substances such as alcohol which could trigger and aggravate risks of overdose. Make sure you call medical support and emergency assistance right away.

Know the symptoms of fentanyl overdose such as slow heartbeat, trouble or showing breathing, clammy and cold skin, severe sleepiness, and difficulty walking or talking. In most cases, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is applied while the antidote is not yet available.

Fentanyl addiction treatment is the key to preventing the life-threatening effects of addiction to this narcotic opioid. Imagine the hard blow of the drug to your health as it is considered more potent and powerful than heroin and morphine. Get treatment right away!

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