Fresh and New Insights about Modern Peptide Drugs

Peptides are simply proteins, and so far, they are the main agents in any biological mechanism acting as mediators of cell signaling, enzymes, structural cell components and receptors amongst other functions. The last few decades have seen heightened research and clinical trials of peptides, testing their effectiveness in bringing remedies to a myriad of conditions.

At the moment, a lot has been discovered and many also are the number of studies and clinical trials taking place to continue investigating the effectiveness of peptides as well as the discovery of other areas of medicine where they could prove to be effective. Here are some of the major developments already made in the field of peptide drugs:

Peptide vaccines

Currently in the field of vaccine research, peptide vaccines have received a lot of attention, especially in the study and development of viral peptide vaccines. Diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B are some of the most dreaded diseases in the world today and most attempts of coming up with vaccines for these two have not been fruitful in the past.

However, the past few years have witnessed positive developments in the use of viral peptide vaccines to offer relief and sometimes cure similar diseases and it is hoped that it is just a matter of time before the two are also conquered.

Anti-tumor polypeptide

Tumors do occur due to a number of reasons, but whatever the reasons, it normally comes from certain expressions in oncogenes. When different tumors are in need of different enzymes and regulatory factors for them to spread, as normally seen in the case of malignancy, small peptides have been used on the active sites to stop or reduce the malignancy of the cells. This is very promising towards the prevention of various types of cancer and hopefully, a cure will one day be discovered for cancerous cells through the use of peptides.

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