Growth Hormones Know It Before You Use It

Growth hormones are a form of protein which has a role in the development of the body.  In healthy humans, the growth hormones or Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are synthesized by master hormone controller in the body, the pituitary gland which is a pea-like gland hanging off the hypothalamus at the base of the brain. Although the steroids and the hormones produce similar effects, they are not the same thing. It has often been confused because both steroids and growth hormones have been used in a combination by athletes to get the desired effect which includes increasing the physical muscles and tightening of the skin.

Use of Growth Hormones

The use of growth hormones by the heavy weightlifters and body builders is done to increase their musculature.  Though illegal growth hormones are widely popular in the sporting fraternity, it cannot be obtained without a prescription. Restrictions have been introduced by the sporting community like the International Olympic Committee to decrease the use of growth hormones by athletes.  The once use of the drug by elite players have become a common practice due to the reduced price of the hormonal product.

It is clear in spite of the misuse of the drug, in certain cases it has been used to treat medical conditions. Human growth hormones are used in children who suffer due to multiple diseases and have reduced growth rate like in congenital disease like Prader-Willi, Turner Syndrome. In such cases used of recommended amount of growth hormone is found to be beneficial and restarts the slower growth rate of the body. In certain cases, adults suffering from a deficiency in Adult Growth Hormone (AGH) are prescribed by a physician a limited dose to improve health.

Availability of growth hormones

Growth hormones are prohibited for use by the Food and Drug Administration in U.S.A. Due to restrictions the growth hormones cannot be purchase in medical stores over the counter but is easily available on online sites, which are supplied mainly from China.

The Growth hormones can be obtained in many forms. It is present in the form of injections where synthetically derived derivatives of somatropin or HGH is present. Some people do not prefer the messy use of injections due to the pin-pricks which are present on the body.  In such cases, you do have other options like a non-injectable form of the HGH hormone. In this category, you have many alternatives like the sprays which contain a reduced amount of the hormone. You also have other alternatives pills or capsules which can be used orally, patch or cream.

Use growth hormones with care

The growth hormones as flashed in many TV info commercials as the “Miracle Drug”. It does have some uses like an increase in muscle mass, help in obtaining a younger looking skin, reducing fat even restoration of hair and color, improving sleep, memory and stabilizes the blood sugar level in the body. Apart from the illegal growth hormones in injection form, the low-end substituents have not been confirmed to have the desired effect. In certain cases, the use of HGH leads to enlargement of breast in males. So the use of this drug should be done carefully.

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