How To Keep Your Feet Healthy

There is such a thing as preventing a condition to rise, and if you want to know how to keep your feet healthy, continue reading. In many cases, regular podiatrist visits will be enough to catch a condition early on, but there are still some things you can do at home. In any case, make sure to contact and visit ModPod Podiatry if you have any foot problems.

Healthy feet are very important in our daily lives and for making us feel good and active. If you neglect the health of your feet, that can lead to having unnecessary problems and pain. This is why it is very important that you visit your podiatrist on time.

Keep your feet clean and dry

Tips to follow and keep your feet pain-free:

  1. Proper foot hygiene

This should go without saying, but the prevention of many diseases and conditions can be helped with proper hygiene. Many people think that just by soaping the upper part of their body and letting the soap slide down is enough for their feet to get clean, but that is far from true. You need to soap up your feet and between your toes, but be careful if you are doing this standing up.

  1. Examine your feet

While going to your podiatrist if there is something wrong is a must, it will not hurt if you examine your feet by yourself. You can perform a foot self-exam at least once a week while you are in the shower or taking a bath. When you are drying your feet, take a good look if there are nay scaling between the toes or any peeling areas.

  1. Cut your toenails properly

Everyone has had an ingrown toenail at least once in their life, and that is usually caused by cutting their toenails the wrong way. You need to cut them across and make sure that you avoid trimming them a bit too close to your skin. If your nail hurts and your skin around it is red, make sure to check out physiotherapy Sydney like ModPod Podiatry.

  1. Don’t hide the ugly with nail polis

What many people do is simply put some nail polish over their ‘ugly’ toenails, and you should never do that because if you have discolored toenails, that means that you probably have fungus. It is important that if your toenails are discolored, cracked, thick or crumbling that you do not hide it, and visit a podiatrist.


Learn how to properly cut your toenails

  1. Don’t share

Another thing that people do not pay attention to is sharing their footwear. It is a bad thing to share other people’s footwear, and that is because you can easily get a fungal infection from somebody else’s shoes.

  1. Proper footwear

While buying shoes that you like is important, it is also very important that shoes fit you properly. On another note, you should choose shoes that can breathe and won’t suffocate your feet. This will help your feet be dry over the day and will not cause any sore patches or blisters. If possible, try to avoid wearing heels for too long, and if you lead an active life, find the appropriate exercise shoes.

Final word

The most important thing is to know when you should see your podiatrist. You should never try your own treatment methods, especially if you are experiencing a severe pain in your feet. It is important that you visit your podiatrist if you feel like there might be something wrong. Allow your doctor to examine you and prevent all the unnecessary problems in the future.

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