Natural Ways To Increase Your Sex

It can be quite uncomfortable for both parties when you find yourself in a very romantic situation and then you just cannot step up to the challenge because your libido is low. However, fear not because there are quite a couple of ways that you can use as a cure for low sex drives in males.

What is the main cause?

Many believe that low libido comes with age, however, that is nothing but a myth, and men in their middle or senior stages of life can perform just as good as when they were young. The main causes of low libido are low testosterone levels, but they are also not the only things that are responsible for your problem.

You or your man can also have some emotional withdrawal or perhaps a lack of motivation. Anxiety can be quite a factor, and it can expose itself in some self-destructive ways such as alcoholism, gambling, and even overworking oneself.

In the world we live in, it is not a surprise that there are over 13 million men who suffer from low testosterone levels, and that is because of the lifestyle the modern society is forcing you to lead. It is quite common for someone to work double shifts and end up with big lacks of sleep that will cause them to feel fatigued and thus their libido levels will be extremely

Having low libido can become a big problem in a relationship

How to increase your libido?

  1. Even if we did mention that the main cause of libido is low testosterone levels and other issues such as emotional problems or just being tired, it is important that you also stay in shape. One of the main factors that lower your testosterone levels is obesity and belly fat.

The reason behind this because fat cells contain an enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen, and that is why it is important for you should work out every now and then as well as avoid eating too much junk food in order to stay in good shape with not too much body fat.

  1. Since being tired and fatigued is quite an important factor in lowering your libido levels, you can easily fix this by planning your schedule where you can get eight hours of sleep. The studies show that people who sleep only for five hours have up to 10-15% lower testosterone levels. Ironically, as manly as it seems to sleep for a couple of hours, the effect of that is quite the opposite for male hormones.
  2. This might seem like an easy one, but you should definitely try to get as much sun as possible. The male reproductive tract is perfect for vitamin D, and studies have shown that having extra levels of vitamin D will surely increase your testosterone levels, both free testosterone as well as bioavailable testosterone.

Today, it is not rare to spend almost or if not the whole day inside where the sun rays can barely touch your skin. It only takes 15 minutes of direct sunshine for you to maintain your vitamin D levels, and if you combine this with your daily exercise, you can “kill two birds with one stone”.car

Never leave your partner disappointed again after you increase your libido

Final Word

In case you are having some trouble with your weight whether you are having more or fewer kilograms than you needed, then you should also consider investigating the connection between your gut health and anxiety. After all, there is an old saying that your body will not give into pleasure if it has an empty stomach.

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