Some facts to know about stomach liposuction


Are you unhappy with the stubborn fat cells around your stomach area? Do the fat cells refuse to surrender to hard core exercises and diet plans? Do the increased fat tissues drive you to sleepless night? If your answer is yes, then stomach liposuction could be the ultimate process which can help you out.

Stomach liposuction is an advanced form of cosmetic surgery which offers a solution for the love handles and other unwanted flab. If you are thinking to opt for stomach liposuction, this is obviously a good way to get rid of the bad fat. But before undergoing the surgery, you must know some facts about stomach liposuction. Clinics like Sono Bello always let the patients know about the pros and cons of the surgery.

What actually stomach liposuction does?

Aging comes with a natural redistribution of body fat especially around the stomach area.  In the cases of women, childbirth can lead them to suffer due to stubborn belly fat.   Many of the individuals suffer from obesity due to the factors of genetics.  The surgery of liposuction only deals with the fat cells which lie beneath your skin or on the top of the abdominal muscle.   The stomach liposuction can improve your shape by removing pockets of flab and enhancing your abdominal shape.


What stomach liposuction does not do?

Keep in mind that liposuction does not deal with the weight loss program; it only helps to reshape your body.  Though the surgery is the option to get rid of fat, but it does not help to lose weight.

Stomach liposuction works best on the fat deposits which of particular areas especially the thighs, abs, hips and buttocks.  When you are able to cut off the fat cells it may cause you to lose a little bit weight but that is not quite significant.  The surgery would not help to tighten loose skin/. It does not fix your bulging stomach.  It is only used for flattening and toning your abdomen.  Stomach liposuction is also known as tummy tuck which removes the excess fat from your belly.

What are the procedures of stomach liposuction?

The technique of removing the fat cells around the buttocks, stomach, ankles and thighs is known as tumescent liposuction.  During the procedure, large quantity of buffered salt water is injected into the fat tissues beneath your skin.  The surgeon will cut the fatty area that needs to be treated and insert a straw like tube beneath the flesh of the stomach area. The tube, named cannula, remains attached to a vacuum during the surgery.  The surgeon will move the cannula back and forth in quick motions to loosen the stubborn fat.

Who can perform the surgery?

Any experienced and licensed physician is able to perform the procedure of the tummy tucking surgery.  But it will be best if you opt for a well skilled plastic surgeon who has a good record and reputation. If you are wondering which would be the best person to do it, the experts of Sono Bello could be your ultimate guide.

 In short, stomach liposuction is a safe way to get rid of the extra inches. You must consult with your physician before opting for a tummy tucking surgery.


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