Steroids Involve Risks and Consequences for a Woman, who want a Better Physique

Anabolic androgenic steroids are considered the best way to build muscles and body mass. That is why it is being used by athletes and bodybuilders since 1954. Most of the steroids are being taken by males and females. However, if we understand the proper functioning of steroids in our body, may be some of us would take a step back before consumption.

Everybody comprises of cells and tissues, which lead to different hormonal changes. One of the hormones that help in giving body its characteristics is called testosterone. Testosterone hormone helps in the growth of male characteristics like puberty, elongated penis, growth of hair, deep voice etc. When this hormone is increased through synthetic steroid, your male characteristics grow faster leading to building of muscle mass.

Any steroid increases stamina because it stimulates all hormones in body. This also helps a person to work out more than desired. Steroid gives them those extra minutes of energy which results to extraordinary physique.

The testosterone level in male’s body is extremely high in level compared to a female. Steroids mimic testosterone. Hence, the more level of testosterone in the body, the more is the masculine properties. Therefore, when women take steroids, even though they have less amount of natural testosterone in their body, when steroids enter their blood stream it increases the level inadequately.

This results in some of the male characteristics like increased facial hair, deep voice, etc. A steroid helps in cutting, bulking and ripping. Bulking is more important for males whereas cutting steroids are safer for females. It is a myth that more intake of steroids leads to bigger muscles. It might put an impact on females more than males but cannot give extra muscles if the amount of protein is less in cells and tissues.

Although there are some minor side effects on females, but that goes away with time or people get used to it –

  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hypomanic
  • Psychosis
  • Apathy

Anabolic steroids are always considered dangerous for everyone, if not taken under proper guidance. However, some formulas are designed exclusively for females that reduce the threat of side effects. A woman cannot change into a male unless she doesn’t undergo a surgery.

There is no such medicine or supplement that can change a person’s hormones completely. A female’s body is much sensitive than a male that is why it changes the mental and physical condition of a person. Always avoid risks by taking strict advice from a medical practitioner.


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