Use HGH for That Ripped Physique You Always Desired

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a hormone which plays a crucial role in promoting growth and development and even causes regeneration of cells in the body.  It is a peptide hormone, produced in the anterior part of the pituitary and passed on to the whole body, via the bloodstream.

This growth hormone is being used by enthusiastic bodybuilders and sportspersons as a path towards physical excellence and unprecedented muscle growth, because it holds a high potential to intensify energy levels, improve blood pressure, proliferate tissue regeneration, uplift body strength and muscle mass, augment endurance when used in proper dosages and cycles. For finer details, one may search in the following link http://hghsupplement.org/growth-hormone-cycle/.

HGH cycles

The term ‘cycle’ is used for the entire usage plan of any drug. Medically prescribed HGH cycles, in the case of any severe genetic disorder or pituitary gland deformities e.g. Down syndrome, Brain Tumor etc. can range from 20 to 50 days of one injection daily, with short intervals once one cycle is finished. Every cycle depends on the diagnosis and age of the patient.

For non-medical HGH cycles i.e. In the case of bodybuilding and fitness training, the cycle’s time-duration only depends upon the will of the user. It may range from 12 to 20 weeks with increasing dose per day.  The users do not consume HGH alone. It is stacked with testosterone itself or its synthetic anabolic steroid derivatives for effective results. HGH provides a helping hand to augment the process through which these steroids help in increasing the muscle strength, by helping in performing heavy exercises with limited breaks, escalate bone density, reduce fat in the abdominal area, and instigate other benefits e.g. increased libido. One should only consult a medicine professional for advice before he starts using it.

HGH dosage varies for varied purposes

One must have a complete idea about the drug before consuming it. The optimum dosage of the drug, its effects, contraindications against its usage and most importantly its havoc side-effects and what is the dose that may cause it, all these information must be kept in mind. For anti-aging purposes, the optimum dose is 2IU per day. There is no specific time and mode of taking the drug (before or after a meal). There are different opinions about the right way to take this med. Some people suggest to take it in the morning, because at night, during deep sleep body produces its own growth hormone. But some people recommend taking this drug at night might help a person in reducing stress.

4IU per day is the suggested dose for the bodybuilding and fitness functions. The drug dose can be divided into two sub-doses, taken every morning and afternoon. Higher dosage can lead to major side effects like weakness and experience tingling sensations in the muscles, skin rashes, gigantism, skeletal abnormalities, and cardiomegaly, coarsening of the hair, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes. So, before deciding what is good for you, it is highly advised to read all the reviews, available on the internet, by the HGH users. You can visit the link http://hghsupplement.org/growth-hormone-cycle/ for further details.

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