Beat depression with the right foods – Know how to fight against it

It is sad enough to note that there is no such diet which has been proved to cure depression all at once. Curing depression is a time-taking process and you have to invest enough time in order to feel released from the shackles of depression. Treating depression can be a complex process which might include both medication and therapy. But one of the most important factors that are overlooked is nutrition. You can’t deny the fact that you are what you eat and hence you will need to eat the food which can make you feel happy.

There are certain foods which can ease off your symptoms or instantly put you into a better mood. Don’t you want to know which they are? If answered yes, read on to know about them.

Antioxidants usually prevent damage of cells

Human bodies usually make molecules which are termed as free radicals but they usually lead to damage of cells, aging and other different issues. Studies always reveal that your brain will be at risk whenever you’re depressed. Though there is no way in which you can bar the free radicals totally, you can diminish their destructive effect by consuming the foods which are rich in antioxidants. Some of them may include:

  • Beta-carotene: Broccoli, apricots, cantaloupe, collards, carrots, pumpkin, peaches, sweet potato, spinach
  • Vitamin C: Broccoli, blueberries, kiwi, grapefruit, peppers, oranges, strawberries, potatoes, tomato
  • Vitamin E: Nuts and seeds, margarine, wheat germ, vegetable oils

Did you know that smart carbs can have a calming impact?

Carbs are linked to the production of the chemical in the brain called serotonin. Experts are not sure but the carb cravings might be related to low serotonin activity. Make sure you choose your carbohydrates carefully. Limit the intake of sugary foods and instead of them, choose the complex carbs which are found in foods like whole grains, rather than the simple carbs which are there in cookies and cakes. Legumes, vegetables and fruits also have fiber and healthy carbs.

You can increase alertness with protein-rich foods

There are foods like tuna, turkey and chicken which have amino acids that are known as tryptophan which can assist you with serotonin. If you can try to have something that is rich in protein, several times in a day, this will boost your energy and also clear your mind. Few of the healthiest source of proteins include peas and beans, low-fat, lean beef, fish, milk, cheese, poultry, yogurt and soy products.

Try a Mediterranean diet for Vitamin B

A Spanish study found that depression rates usually rise in men, particularly among smokers and they got less folate. The same thing which happened among women, particularly those who didn’t exercise or those who smoke but when they got less vitamin B12, they performed better. Vitamin D receptors are also there in the body, including your brain. Researchers also recommend improving calcium levels and know how well the kidneys work.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of recovering from depression by having the right diet, you can follow the above mentioned tips to eat the right foods. You can now get xanax online no prescription online to treat depression.


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