Best Ways To Pass A Drug Test By Checking Monkey Dong Review

One of the most useful tools for checking your employees is a random drug test, especially if you want to monitor their progress. However, according to drug users, drug tests are just a quick fix, and they can provide a false sense of hope and security.

Most substance and alcohol abusers already have the mindset that will give them the ability to do whatever it takes to continue what they are doing. At the same time, if you do not have a plan on stopping, you should find a way to cheat test to stay on your job.

If you don’t know where to buy Monkey Dong, we will show you the perfect examples of why should you use fake pee to get negative results on drug testings.

How To Pass A Drug Test?

It doesn’t matter if you want to pass your test to parents, or for employers because can avoid getting caught.

But you should have in mind that these remedies we’ll present you here are not for everyone, and if you are a chronic substance abuser, you should avoid using anything until the test passes.


This is the most common way of cleansing yourself from drugs out of your system. It requires drinking lots of water before a drug test. Have in mind that urinalysis will check for 31 different metabolites produced by cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and hallucinogens too. Click here to get more information on what are drug metabolits.

When you decide to drink plenty of water, you will aid your body in producing metabolites that will be unaffected by drugs. However, this particular thing works only if you have notice of the drug test and if you continue to drink lots of water on a daily basis with the idea that you will get drug screening at any moment.

It is important to notice that drug tests can detect flushing and warn another side that you over consume water. At the same time, if you drink lots of water, you can enter the state of water intoxication, which can lead to fatal consequences.

B Vitamins Are Perfect Allies For Cleansing Your System

As soon as you clear the urine, you should start using between 50 and 100 milligrams of these vitamins so that you can add yellowish tint to your pee. That way, you will make it appear normal because, after extensive fluid intake, your urine will lose its color.

B vitamins are important, but other minerals and nutrients can also help you flush weed out of your system. Check this website: https://www.orlandorecovery.com/blog/6-vitamins-and-minerals-that-help-remove-toxins-during-drug-detox/ to learn more about it.

Apart from B vitamins, you should drink more diuretics such as tea, coffee and cranberry juice which will give you the ability to pee more than usual. Some people use Midol because it has diuretic effects, but you should have in mind that diuretics are not healthy for people with cardiovascular issues.

Midol is useful in the cleansing body from revealing metabolites, which will help you to finish everything on time. The frequent urination will help you clean and purge metabolites from your system.

When compared with adults, young people do not pee that frequently. Therefore, if you notice that your child is peeing into the toilet for a few seconds before peeing in the cup, then he is trying to cheat the test. It is essential to notice that peeing in the cup towards the end of the stream is a favorite trick that will add fewer metabolites in the cup.

Consume Aspirin and Zinc Sulfate

Another natural remedy that will help you cleanse yourself and cheat drug test is taking aspirin before a drug test. That way you will be able to mask metabolites, but don’t overdo it because aspirin can become toxic if you use too many.

Zinc sulfate is the perfect guide that will lead metabolites to fecal tract instead of the urinary tract. Therefore, if you take 250 milligrams of zinc before a drug test, and avoid eating solid foods, you will be able to cleanse yourself. However, have in mind that this particular method could be dangerous and if you over consume it could lead to other mineral deficiencies.

Fake Pee

The favorite way of protecting yourself against positive drug test is to find synthetic urine that will help you pass a drug test. However, the main disadvantage of using this particular method is that you can refrigerate it for 48 hours maximum, which means that you need to know that you’ll have a drug screening to know when to purchase it.

At the same time, drug screenings tend to have supervision, which means that you will have issues in taking a bulky item such as fake pee in the toilet next to your superiors. Liquid premixed urine features no smell and surface bubbles, while powdered synthetic urine has these attributes that will resemble real pee.

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