Crowdfunding for Nationwide Blood Donation Project

Every year, the world observes blood donation day on June 14th. In light of world blood donation day, we at Impact Guru would like to initiative a conversation on the urgent need for efficient blood donation plans in India, and the role of crowdfunding India websites in achieving it. As per an article by the times of India, one million units of blood are discarded every year, and yet still we have a shortage of 3 million units annually. The reasons stated for the wastage of one million units are deterioration during storage, discolouration, bacterial contamination, haemolysis, and not meeting quality parameters due to collection and production processes.

The two primary problems we are facing are:

  1. Annual overall shortage of blood donors
  2. Efficient storage of blood

As a crowdfunding platform in India, we believe that funding may be a solution to both of these problems. Here’s how:

Raise awareness on blood donation

Did you know for India to have enough blood units annually, only 10% of our population would have to donate? The problem lies in awareness and ignorance. Not enough people are aware of the need for blood donations, nor where they can do it. In addition, many who are aware may be fearful and apprehensive of this process. Effectively communicating that it is entirely safe, and can save many lives, will ensure more potential donors come forward. Awareness workshops are an ideal way to do this.

Organize regional blood donation camps

Start a fundraiser to collect money that will be directed at organizing regional blood donation camps. The medical equipment, free blood tests, doctors and nurse fees, overheads, and other associated costs can be covered through effective campaigns on crowdfunding websites.

Build blood banks

Raise money to build more blood banks with modern and effective equipment that will allow for efficient storage of donated blood.

Improve storage facilities of existing blood banks

We already know that one of the main causes of the wastage of blood is poor storage facilities. Through crowdfunding India campaigns you can raise funds to help existing blood bank improve facilities and build better storage systems such that the problem of wastage is eliminated, and donated blood can be put to good use – saving lives.

Innovative technology

In order to ensure effective usage of blood, people are introducing fundraising ideas for innovative technology that connects patients and families in need of blood, to blood donors. For the development of such technology, websites, and apps, innovators are raising money through crowdfunding platforms, to cover product development expenses.

If such a cause is close to your heart, start your crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru’s website today.

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